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Old Fart Rants Debunked

This will be the hub on my website for all my responses to Old Fart Rants, since I've refuted him so many times, he's even lost count. Not that it's a big feat, I don't think he could count very high even before he lost his bearings.


10/13/20 -- Added a response to Old Fart Rants, "Face Bloat" Stan Seder, I mean Sam Seder & other do-gooders (who are great at practicing personal responsibilities themselves, cough cough) who are telling us to be responsible, "wear a mask."


Added another response to Old Fart Rants & his brown teeth pertaining to Black Lives Matter & the most violent cities in America. The data will have Progressives like Dave & the toady divorcee "Face Bloat" Stan Seder, I mean Sam Seder grinding their yellow teeth.


(5/1/18) Just debunked Old Fart Rants & his dentures concerning his comments on "Republican Voter Suppression" & his poo-pooing of "Democrat Vote Fraud." Good luck w/ a response Old Fart Rants, you will need it.


(3/8/18) Added another response to Old Fart Rants pertaining to some of his crazy, generalized, listless, insulting rants on the Koch Brothers, the Kochtopus, campaign finance reform, dark money, free speech, buying elections, etc. & so-forth. Enjoy! It is very detailed, unlike all of Old Fart Rants' silly spiels.


This was my very first written response to Old Fart Rants, which coincided with my very first video response to him on YouTube.

Old Fart Rants Debunked (Facebook): It doesn't focus solely on Old Fart Rants, but much of the content there (and he's gritting his teeth over some of the photo albums there exposing his ignorance) will be dedicated to showing any & all that are interested--Old Fart Rants isn't educated, he just has a lot of free time.

I have two video playlists on YouTube dedicated to refuting Old Fart Rants & his brown teeth. They cover a myriad of topics from gun control, to objective morality, to basic economics, although most of Old Fart Rants' videos are short & generalized.

A friend of mine even took the liberty of uploading several screenshots over on Flickr, featuring some of Old Fart Rants' more angry & shameful rants. Browse, enjoy & please pass it on.

If you want to download the debate between Old Fart Rants & The Cartesian Theist (with my commentary--I saved screenshots of that debate, OFR was hoping it wouldn't see the light-of-day) then click here. OFR made several gargantuan mistakes, exposing him as quite an uneducated idiot. After his defeat he lashed out, making several really odd (I think that's the best way to put it) comments. Enjoy!

If I add any more responses to Old Fart Rants they will be located on this page, unless it's a video response only, then just check the playlists linked above.


Added another response to Old Fart Rants & his brown teeth here. It's the 3rd installment (with a video as well) in an ongoing series of responses to his generalized & intellectually-insulting (to anyone w/ an IQ above room temperature) "Small Government Stupidity" video. Of course it's a video, Old Fart Rants can't write anything unless it's a few paragraphs & most of it is cut-and-paste.


Added another response to Old Fart Rants & one of his frivolous, fallacious, foolish, false flag efforts here.


Here's a response to a sock puppet account Old Fart Rants commissioned to try to divert attention away from the intellectual beatings I've subjected him to. They figured this would damage me, but it ended up backfiring on a grand scale. I must thank the little troll account for giving me this opportunity. He/she/it should be thanking me, even its own family doesn't give it this much attention. If it goes to the local watering hole & comes up with another idea, I'll let you know.


Just uploaded a response to Old Fart Rants & the rationale he gives for starting his channel on YouTube. Uploaded another elongated response to Old Fart Rants & his brown teeth here.


The description on this video was too long for YouTube, so I was forced to post all my references here.

Harry Reid on ISIS


Dianne Feinstein


Nancy Pelosi


Dick Durbin


Steny Hoyer


Chuck Schumer


Amy Klobuchar


Mark Warner


Elizabeth Warren


Barbara Boxer on ISIS


Thomas E. Donilin, Hussein?s former NSA stooge


Rand Paul/war in Syria/arming rebels in Syria


Hussein Obama vs. ISIS, the Jayvee Team


John Kerry


Anne-Marie Slaughter (State Dept. hack under Hillary Clinton)


Samantha Power


Hillary Clinton


Bill Clinton


Joe Biden


Barack Hussein Obama like himself some drone strikes


Jerry Brown hearts drones